Assistance Students of the Dermatology Department:

The Department of Dermatology at MUMS is one of the specialized centers for the education and training of dermatologists. Admitted assistants in the examination are annually trained during a four-year period in order to gain expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases in Imam Reza and Ghaem hospitals. Currently, there are 22 assistance students under the supervision of Dr. Mohammad Javad Yazdan Panah (professor).

Syllabi of the assistant are presented during four years, including journal club, slide classes, case presentation, grand round, reference reviews and pathology and dermatology courses. Furthermore, assistant have various rotational courses, including the department of pathology (four rounds, one month), department of plastic surgery (two months), clinic of skin lasers (15 days), department of mycology and parasitology (15 days), department of immunology (15 days), leprosy care center (15 days), rheumatology department (one month) and one month of project out of the care center.   

In addition to the mentioned factors, one of the most important educational steps for assistants in active attendance in the clinics, operating room and dermatology sections, as well as their active participation in patient visits in the clinics and wards for counseling and disease diagnosis and treatment. Assistants attend the skin clinic every day from 9:00-13:00. Moreover, they partake in outpatient visits and surgical operations under the supervision of specialists.

Assistance Students of Other Fields:

In addition to the dermatology assistants, this department has assistants in other fields who attend the skin clinic and receive proper training regarding their specialty, including the following departments: internal diseases (15 days), occupational medicine (two months), pediatrics (15 days), infectious diseases (one month), microbiology (one month), immunology (two months), dental assistance (oral and dental pathology, diagnosis, maxillofacial surgery- each for one month).    

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